When you’re using a greenhouse to grow it can be productive during the summertime months. But wouldn’t you want that year-round. Cannabis.net gave us some perks from growing out doors to indoors and learn how MCOA is leading the pack in greenhouses with our new partnership with Bougainville Venture Inc.

The perks of growing in a greenhouse

Some of the disadvantages that come with growing outdoors can be truly awful. For example, pests can be particularly harmful to your marijuana crop, and they come in a broad range.

Anything from deer to rabbits to mites to mold can affect your marijuana plants when they are growing outdoors. Marijuana plants growing in a greenhouse, however, will only encounter insects — and that makes prevention that much easier to begin with.

Greenhouses can even be stealthier than other types of outdoor grow setups, allowing for your plants to be hiding in plain sight. This is especially true when you are living in a residential area since a greenhouse for things such as herbs and vegetables is already a perfectly normal and reasonable thing to do.

This is even easier if you are living somewhere rural instead, as you can put more marijuana plants into your greenhouse. Of course, not everything is perfect when it comes to growing inside of a greenhouse. The smell can be overpowering when you increase the number of plants, and carbon filters can’t be used in greenhouse setups. If you happen to have a greenhouse with a really intense smell, be sure to try and take out the smell with an in-line ozone generator.

When you grow marijuana inside of a greenhouse, you get to control every aspect of the grow environment. In other words, you can maximize the nutrients and other elements to ensure that your plants are getting the best and healthiest care they can.

Checkout how what Marijuana Company of America Inc. and its partnership with Bougainville Venture Inc. have planned with greenhouses.  Bougainville Venture Inc. core business is converting irrigated farmland that was traditionally used to grow marginally profitable feed crops, to greenhouse-equipped farmland used to grow luxury crops with a primary focus on high-density and high-yielding crops.