Letter from the CEO

Welcome to Marijuana Company of America, Inc. and our family of cannabis and hemp entrepreneurs. We have all heard that opportunity comes only once in a lifetime… it’s not true!  All of us face opportunities every day – it’s how we seize those opportunities that determines the successes in our lives. At MCOA, we are offering you another of those opportunities that come by in life.

My name  is Don Steinberg and for decades I have been at the forefront of various new industries and I am now pleased to present to you the next industry that has unprecedented growth and massive market acceptance. The cannabis and industrial hemp industries are enjoying exponential growth and there is no slowdown in sight.  As the founder of Medical Marijuana Inc. ( MJNA )  in 2009, which was the 1st marijuana company to be traded on the stock market in America, I realized many years ago the opportunities in this industry.  In 2015, with my partner Charles Larsen, Marijuana Company of America, Inc. was founded with the objective to create an umbrella under which we would create a variety of portfolio companies to participate within this industry.

The income opportunity in any business is directly related to the size and growth of the industry.

.  Cannabis and hemp industries are still in their genesis , yet already two of the largest industries in the world.

.  Cannabis industry generates over 200 billion a year in business.

.  The CBD market is estimated to grow to $2.1 billion by 2020.

Due to massive levels of research and development, products and services never before available continue to hit the market at an unprecedented rate.  Within the next decade, the cannabis and hemp industry as we know it, will be unrecognizable.

Taking a long term vision and recognizing the many opportunities within this industry, we have established ourselves along various points in the cannabis and hemp related services supply chain. With my background of building massive marketing teams on a global basis, and with the many years of experience our team has, we are looking forward to establishing our hempSmart brand past the shores of America and into many other countries.    We are participating with financial solutions for various aspects of this industry that are requiring more stringent accounting. We have developed patent pending neutraceutical products with CBD included.  Our hempSMART™ Brain and hempSMART™ Full Spectrum Drops product is now distributed in the United States.

As MCOA embarks on its 2nd year, we find ourselves with many new partners, joint venture relationships, and a very powerful consortium of companies who share our global vision.

We are in the right business, at the right time, with the right people and a whole lot of experience to take this company along the lines of success that we have established.

We are at a crossroads of global legalization of both industries. This process of countries shifting to a legal cannabis and industrial hemp structure is something that will occur only once in the history of a country, and MCOA is positioned to lead.

You are welcome to be part of this exciting adventure with Marijuana Company of America, Inc.

  •                                                                                                                                                                             – Don Steinberg