In this day in age, there are more and more conversations about marijuana. Although this natural pain reliever is illegal in many states and countries besides for medical purposes, there are ways for people to grow their own Mary Jane in a safe environment, legally. Cannabis has been around for years way before we were born; however, the cannabis industry is still new and trying to cater to the economy in the best way it can. To start growing your own, there are many greenhouses and growing facilities that can jump-start your cannabis project. According to GGS Structures Inc.(GGS), “With the legalization of commercial scale marijuana growing, greenhouses are a natural fit”. There is also an option to do indoor growth of marijuana, which is on a low scale of how much you will grow.

The difference between these two methods is lighting. In a greenhouse, there is natural lighting. Marijuana growth is more affected by the cooling and heating sets one sets(GGS). The indoor process relies on, “intelligent grow lights which need to replicate the parts of the sunlight spectrum that the marijuana plants need at each stage of growth” (GSS). Either option provides quality. It’s just that they both rely on different resources to guarantee its quality. Now, it is possible for you to grow marijuana at home, but the best method is to go to a facility and growing it there in a greenhouse or indoor growing house. Those kinds of environments are less unpredictable, and is controlled at all times.

Rough Brothers Inc. is also another company that specializes in marijuana greenhouses, having multiple cannabis systems that can maximize one’s production. The most effective growing systems for marijuana, whether it be in a greenhouse or in an indoor growing system, is based on the quality of light, heating, and cooling controls. If one does their research and find the right facility for them, one can easily start their own production of marijuana.


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