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We have combined the most effective ingredients wellness technologies with industrial hemp based cannabinoids to create optimally formulated wellness products for health conscious consumers.

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HempSMART™ is a company with a mission of educating and empowering consumers to learn about and become part of the Hemp Movement. This includes consuming and benefiting from some of the world’s most innovative hemp product technologies created by hempSMART.

Our mission is to make potential consumers “hempSMART.” Seeing the wellness environment rapidly shifting regarding premium quality cannabinoid products, the hempSMART founders have selected key professionals for various roles on the hempSMART team. This includes many of the best wellness professionals, health professionals, product formulation experts, educators, marketers and business minds to ensure that hempSMART can place you in a “first to market” position in every way.

The products are only the beginning.

Those that join the hempSMART Mission can start improving their personal wellness from day 1 with hempSMART products as well as become involved in this rapidly emerging industry with unlimited potential in the marketplace. Our product philosophy is to provide consumers with the newest, most innovative products, research and delivery systems related to hemp and CBD based products to improve their personal wellness.

HempSMART also provides a low barrier to entry business opportunity for entrepreneurs in a rapidly emerging, global marketplace.

HempSMART is is about to become a major industry brand with global operations providing wellness and opportunity for potentially millions of people.

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