Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, literally. It was (and still is) a universal pain killer allowing one to be in full bliss. The cannabis prohibition was not enacted until the late 1930s. That means before then, sweet Mary Jane was welcomed at every function. Now the question of today is who come not all cannabis products (and cannabis in general) are legal? We know what benefits can come from it. We know that there are no records of death caused by marijuana. What is the hold up?

Well, it is no secret what smoking cannabis can do to one’s mind. It is a psychoactive drug and it can have a strong effect on the mind. But that feeling of being high does not last that long. It is very temporary. The main argument against cannabis is people getting high. Congress simply just does not want to have a world filled with people causally smoking blunts like the are cigarettes. Living in a world like that may be a little chaotic and something to adjust to, but personally, it really wouldn’t be that bad nor would it be like that at all.

CBD is now really taking storm in the market, specifically CBD oil which is being pushed to be legal on all 50 states. The cannabis industry is overcoming many past hurdles. According to the North America Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC), “growing Cannabis Sativa, even for industrial hemp purposes, has been effectively prohibited in the United States since the 1950s”. I don’t believe that the government was always against improving healthcare (it is kind of difficult not to believe that now), but they really do not promote the use of cannabis ‘willy-nilly’, which in a sense I understand. However, the classification of marijuana is completely over exaggerated, making it appear more dangerous than cocaine and heroin, yet it can help chronic pain and mental illnesses. Many legal substances that humans consume daily are slowly killing us. Why this is still on the fence?

I am not talking about legalizing weed or smoking marijuana. I am talking about CBD products. I do believe that both should be legal, but there should be no question about CBD products. All CBD products should be legal. You cannot get high off them because it does not contain the right amount of THC, no matter how much you consume. CBD already has its foot in the door. Once it is legalized in all states, the cannabis industry will chance for the better or for the worst. Only time will tell.

Source(s): Discover CBD and CNN