herb.co asked a question to the world asking: Why Cannabis Should Be Removed From Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Is weed becoming a part of accepted, respectable society, in almost every way. Notice I said almost, because there are some important exceptions… including the workplace.

To even get a job at many companies, you must pass a pre-employment drug screen. And at almost all of those companies – even in states where cannabis is legal! – those screens (usually urinalysis) test for marijuana, along with harder drugs. With 29 states having legalized medical marijuana, and eight states, along with D.C., having legalized recreational cannabis, the question is why?

Why should we excluded qualified people from positions at which they might excel, just because they smoke pot?

While blood-alcohol tests indicate actual impairment, cannabis tests do not, according to experts. The marijuana metabolites detectable in urine samples are evidence of past use, not actual impairment, according to Dr. Alan Shackelford, a Harvard Medical School-trained physician who founded medical marijuana clinic Amarimed in Denver.

Have you ever asked that question to yourself and if you have what was your answer?

credit: herb.co