Greenhouse Construction in Orville, Washington

August 2017 – Bougainville Ventures, Inc. has begun grading the soil where the 30,000 sq ft. cultivation facility will be constructed in Oroville. The land is being leveled to provide the foundation for the start of construction for the first greenhouse.

September 2017- BV has completed grading the land to provide a level foundation for the start of construction of the greenhouse facility which will house Tier-3 production and a processing I-502 tenants. 

October 2017- To stay compliant with Washington State Law, 24 hour surveillance systems are set in place, identification badges are issued, and alarms are set up around the property. 

BV-MCOA Management, LLC, has completed the construction of three greenhouses totaling 7,000 square feet. This represents the completion of more than 23% of the total 30,000 square foot cultivation facility.