Cannabis Stocks Rise In US & Canada On Second Reading of Bill C-45 In Senate

The North American Marijuana Index shot up on Friday, as Canadian pot stocks heralded the passage of the second reading of Bill C-45,  in the Canadian Senate the prior evening. Although the vote wasn’t assured

Marijuana Company Of America: Q.1 2018 – Products & Developments Timeline

MCOA have been busy working with partners this year and as we are only a week or two away from end of  Q.1 2018. Here’s a short timeline of the company’s activities & developments so

MJ Biz leads their end of week roundup with Benihemp convenience stores product launch

Not only did Benihemp make their pages earlier this week. MJ Biz thought the story important enough to lead with in their end of week roundup. MJ Biz…Week in Review: CBD in gas stations, AG

MJ Biz Report On Benihemp Launch

The Benihemp product range was launched at at ASD Market Week, Monday. MJ Biz Daily reported on the launch. This is what they had to say Cannabis company makes play for convenience-store CBD market Here’s the

Marijuana Company Of America: Portfolio Profile – Agricultural Hemp Trial New Brunswick (Canada)

Marijuana Company of America (MCOA) and Global Hemp Group (GHG) have undertaken the initial stages of  ongoing agricultural hemp trials in northeast New Brunswick. The trials mark the return of industrial hemp to the region

Announcement: MCOA & Cannabis Strategic Ventures Announce Staffing Agreement

March 7, 2018: Cannabis Strategic Ventures, Inc. (OTC: NUGS) and Marijuana Company of America Inc. (OTC: MCOA) announced the signing of  a staffing agreement between the two companies today. Under the terms of the agreement, Cannabis Strategic

What Are Terpenes & Which Ones Are You Most Likely To Find In Hemp ?

Terpenes are the new CBD but what are they? Most of us are unfamiliar  with terpenes even though we are surrounded by them on a daily basis. Terpenes are the substances that affect our senses;

CBD Market Estimated to Grow to $2.1B by 2020, Report Finds “Hemp-Derived CBD is estimated to account for $450 million” of that growth

The cannabidiol (CBD) market is estimated to grow by 700% by 2020, according to a recent report by Forbes. A new report by market intelligence firm Hemp Business Journal projects that the CBD market will

We Have Launched Our New CBD Product hempSMART™ Pet Drops

Recent data gathered by MJ Freeway confirms the newest trend in CBD is America’s already booming half-billion dollar animal supplements market. The market is further expected to grow by more than $150 million in the

The hempSMART Product Range – hempSMART Drops

One of our most popular products in our hempSMART range are our hempSMART Drops. These premium quality extracts from our hemp plants grown specifically to provide the highest concentration and potency of CBD. Our carefully chosen phytocannabinoid-rich CBD Oil

50 Life Enhancing Benefits of Cannabis

Some call it a miracle herb, it’s no shock as we bring this plant out of the dark and into the light, it continues to blow our minds – just how great the benefits of

Nevada Lawmakers Set Cannabis Tax: 10% Retail, 15% Wholesale

Just one day ahead of the state legislature’s final deadline, Nevada lawmakers reached a deal late Sunday night that would set the state’s cannabis tax rate and send much of the revenue to public education.

Why Cannabis Education Is Just as Important as The Constant Clamor for Liberalization

When I open my email these days, I find it flooded with various commercial offers. Especially around cannabis products. Now is the right moment, I am informed, to invest in cannabis. It is getting legal

What’s in The State’s Updated Marijuana Law

Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday signed into law a massive marijuana bill, which runs the gamut in terms of coverage. After the state Legislature passed Senate Bill 5131 last month, Gov. Inslee finally approved the measure,

Legal Pot in California: Everything We Know

With several states expanding marijuana legalization this year, many eyes are firmly fixed on California. Between the famed cannabis strains of the north, the rapidly moving edibles scene and the growing marijuana tech industry blazing

Gaining Knowledge Never Ends: The Insides of The Cannabis Industry

You never really stop learning, and there is no such thing as learning too much. That is why education is vital to our existence. It is in everything we do. It is why we pick

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Types

Since the resurgence of cannabis legalization movement, the industry grew at an exponential rate.  Nowadays, you get to see different kinds of goods related to the cannabis industry. Different types of weed grew in popularity

CBD Can Help Smokers Quit and Provide Long Lasting Benefits

Smoking is everywhere. It is not as prevalent in the media as it was back in the day. There are actually more campaigns that show in between television programs that are against smoking cigarettes. Although

CBD Is the Future

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, literally. It was (and still is) a universal pain killer allowing one to be in full bliss. The cannabis prohibition was not enacted until the late 1930s.

Special Magazine Issue Focuses on Cannabis and Cannabinoids

In the past few years the scientific community has been addressing the potential benefits of cannabinoids — compounds extracted from the cannabis plant — to treat several medical conditions, including seizure disorders. However, these compounds

CBD On the Rise: Expected to reach over 2 billion in 2020

CBD products are still controversial and not as accesses to the as it should, especially for people who need it for health reasons. CDB products contains cannabidiol, which is mostly used for medical purposes. It

Limits on Marijuana Dispensaries Get New Life in Hillsborough After Lobbying from Grower

Just three months after declaring Hillsborough County open to boundless medical marijuana businesses, commissioners now may put a cap on how many dispensaries can set up shop. Such a reversal so soon after setting policy

Quality Controls: What We Can Learn from Pharma

When we discuss growing and producing medical cannabis, we must think of it as a medicine. By definition, it is a substance intended to assist you with a medical condition, to help you feel better

What Will The Future Of Cannabis Look Like?

I always tell other activists that we stand at the edge of history with the winds of change at our backs. There has truly never been a more exciting time in history for cannabis than right

Toronto And Its Cannabis

Toronto is referred to as the most populated city in all of Canada, and the capital of the province of Ontario. It is home to diverse groups of people, with different preferences. Among the residents

Let’s Start Growing: Marijuana Greenhouses and Indoor Growth

In this day in age, there are more and more conversations about marijuana. Although this natural pain reliever is illegal in many states and countries besides for medical purposes, there are ways for people to

A new law makes the South American country the first in the world to sell the drug over the counter.

A new law makes the South American country the first in the world to sell the drug over the counter. We found a story that reads and sounds like a plot for an amazing movie

How you cooked with Cannabis yet?

Herb is one of the best places we have found great recipes to cook with cannabis. Here’s a brief on somethings we would love to share and hopefully get most of you into the kitchen

Take a college courses in Cannabis

Its about time! We found out from a post on NorthBay Business Journal that If you are really focused on taking your education further in cannabis you now can take more than one course on

Approved by the DEA: A Way to Smoke Marijuana Legally for the First Time

If you missed it on cannasos.com you have to read up on the DEA green-lighting a clinical trial of smoked MJ for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in American military veterans. This marks

Ohio village runs out of space for medical marijuana growers

JOHNSTOWN, OH (AP) — A central Ohio village that embraced potential medical marijuana business while some other communities rejected it saw such interest from prospective growers that it has run out of space for that

Cannabis research is greenlit

Initial NIS 6 million invested in joint research venture aiming to unlock new medical marijuana benefits gets greenlit in Israel with the Volcani center. It’s great news to find out from Y Net News, that

5 Weed trends shaping the future

With medical marijuana legal in a couple states and recreational marijuana becoming legal everytime we look up, the opening of laws, attitudes and beliefs are continuing to grow the market forward in favour of mainstream

5 ways Marijuana makes you a more successful entrepreneur

The millennial generation is definitely known for being the biggest group of entrepreneurs and our openness to the drug culture- we are all either really foolish, or really smart (we are the most well educated

State and local tax revenue could hit a billion plus annually from Marijuana in 6 months

It’s going to be a great site when state and local tax revenue could hit more than billion annually from marijuana by the mid-2020s, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office. That would be more

State-Based Changes to Marijuana Laws

Though illegal for nearly 50 years under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), the possession and sale of marijuana seems to be losing its negative stigma. Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states, and the recreational

New chapter in the MJ industry signals growing investor interest

Writer Bart Schaneman from mjbizdaily.com just released a story signaling growing investor interest in marijuana businesses from coast to coast of a combined $200 million. This is the largest amounts of planned cannabis investments disclosed in a

What to consider before buying CBD oil

A trusted known website gives us things to consider before buying CBD Oil.  There are many different types and brands of CBD oil to pick from, and your final choice will be determined by your personal needs and how

Should Cannabis Be Removed From Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

herb.co asked a question to the world asking: Why Cannabis Should Be Removed From Pre-Employment Drug Tests Is weed becoming a part of accepted, respectable society, in almost every way. Notice I said almost, because there are

Six Predictions For The Marijuana Industry in 2017.

Forbes.com and Debra Borchardt a contributor writer published a interesting article on Six Predictions For The Marijuana Industry in 2017. Which covered how Los Angeles Will Become The Marijuana Capital, A Sports League Will Green

Cultivation of Marijuana Laws in California

In this video, medical marijuana expert and attorney at law, David Welch, explains how California's Health & Safety Code 11362.5 allows for the growing and cultivation of medical marijuana, with a doctor's referral. Marijuana Company

Perks of growing cannabis in a greenhouse

When you’re using a greenhouse to grow it can be productive during the summertime months. But wouldn’t you want that year-round. Cannabis.net gave us some perks from growing out doors to indoors and learn how

Cannabis Education is Big Business

Its open business for legitimate jobs in the cannabis industry. More people are getting involved and they are coming from different business backgrounds. There is so much to learn that once you break the surface,