MCOA’s Partnership with Convenient Hemp Mart, LLC.

Marijuana Company of America, Inc. has partnered with Convenient Hemp Mart, LLC’s to launch “BeniHemp” branded products targeting convenience stores for CBD product distribution. MCOA has invested $100,000 into the start-up project for a 25% equity stake in Convenient Hemp Mart.

Convenient Hemp Mart has developed unique sample sized packaging for consumers to try its BeniHemp products. When customers have a positive experience with BeniHemp sample products, they will then be able to purchase a monthly supply and sign up for auto ship online. Store owners will continue to generate additional revenue without the burden of managing inventory and shelf space.

Benihemp’s Official Launch at ASD Market Week

BeniHemp products includes topicals, tinctures and edibles conveniently packaged in 1-day, 2-day and 30-day supplies. The target markets are convenience stores, smoke shops, gas stations and similar types of small retail businesses where CBD commerce has significant potential to generate sales from the impulse buyer at the register.

Convenient Hemp Mart is officially launching the Benihemp product line at ASD Market Week ( in Las Vegas, NV. ASD is a comprehensive business-to-business trade show for retail merchandise that annually hosts 45,000 buyers from over 90 countries, representing major department stores, convenience stores, gift shops, grocery stores, and other retail stores. Out of the 45,000 attending the show, 98% of the attendees have purchasing power, and the average buyer spends a total of $82,500 on product orders per show. Benihemp will be located in the lower south hall at booth SL2449.