advisory Board

Chairman  of the Advisor Board

Noble A. DraKoln is the author of two books on securities trading, “Winning the Trading Game” and “Trade Like a Pro”. After twenty years of being a securities broker, money manager, and teaching investing in commodities, options and futures, his experience in securities has enabled Mr. DraKoln to apply his expertise to business development and executive consulting. He has leveraged his experiences and relationships to enhance the value and efficiency of many companies, as well as leverage his own personal angel level investments. His books have been translated into multiple languages, he has been a financial keynote speaker around the world as well as contributing writer to dozens of financial magazines, including Forbes and as a radio and TV financial commentator.

Strategic Advisor on Real Estate

Andy Dane Carter has been investing in real estate for many years and is a licensed real estate broker in California. As a real estate investor and licensed professional, he has bought, sold, invested, developed, flipped, held, and redeveloped over half a billion dollars in real estate. His real estate expertise has been consistently sought after by those in the rapidly expanding cannabis industry. Mr. Carter’s understanding of the real estate legislation in California pertaining to cultivation, developing, and processing have become invaluable since Proposition 64 was passed. He has been consistently sought after for his knowledge and connections by those entering the space. His extensive real estate experience will give MCOA an advantage in conducting due diligence and structuring all aspects of current and future real estate acquisitions.

Strategic Advisor on Branding & Marketing

David Hill is the President of Hill & DraKoln Media & Brand Management (“H&D”). For sixteen years he has lead successful brand and marketing campaigns for several national and international companies in different industries. He has strategically positioned new brands as well as revamped old brands. Over the years, Mr. Hill has cultivated extensive strategic relationships with OUTFRONT Media, formerly CBS outdoor, LiveNation, PR Newswire, and many other direct to consumer marketing outlets. Through his vast network of online influencers, websites, and ad networks Mr. Hill has developed a push button method to instantly put any product, business or idea in front of 35 million people online. Hill & DraKoln maintains three targeted magazine properties in-house to stay relevant with today’s youth, and is sought after by corporations that see the value of expert building and narrative management by using magazines, books, and specialty publications to tell their story. To this end, H&D publishes and maintains book and magazine properties for several for-profit and non-profit entities. Having strong branding, marketing and media support will enable MCOA to build its brand and share its story with a broad consumer base.

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Manolos is one of the most accomplished pioneers in the Medical Marijuana industry, having opened the very first Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Los Angeles County in 2004 called CMCA. He is also credited with starting Los Angeles’ first Medical Marijuana farmers market referred to as “The California Heritage Farmers Market,” which attracted local and international media attention and was the first of its kind.

Mr. Manolos is also the founder of many successful companies, such as Everest Biosynthesis Group and Natural Plant Extracts USA (NPE), a leading producer of pharmaceutical grade CBD that holds the largest market share in the USA. He also Co-founded oCcen Communications Inc. in 1997 (NASDAQ: OCEN), an Asia-focused internet communications service provider transmitting voice, fax, and data communications for consumers, carriers and corporations. His diverse entrepreneurial focus led him on to launch the Kiwiberri Frozen yogurt franchise in 2005. The company is a California-based frozen yogurt franchised that has opened several locations throughout Los Angeles, Nevada, and Florida.

Mr. Manolos has provided consulting services to several companies in the cannabis industry and has helped them obtain retail and production licenses in California and Washington. He graduated from the University of California Riverside with a double major in Computer Science and Business Management.