Some call it a miracle herb, it’s no shock as we bring this plant out of the dark and into the light, it continues to blow our minds – just how great the benefits of Cannabis are! Green Flower created an amazing detailed list of 50 life enhancing benefits of cannabis regarding public health, economy, and to every person who develops a positive relationship with this therapeutic plant. Here’s their list.

The Health Benefits of Cannabis

  • It Can Help You Lose Weight
  • It Can Regulate and Prevent Diabetes
  • It Fights Cancer
  • It Can Help Depression
  • It’s Showing Promise in Treating Autism
  • It Provides a Safer Alternative to Drugs and Alcohol
  • It Helps Regulate Seizures
  • It Can Help Broken Bones Heal Faster
  • It’s a Treatment for ADHD
  • It Can Help Treat Serious Addictions
  • It Treats Glaucoma
  • It Can Improve Lung Health
  • It Helps Anxiety
  • It Can Slow the Development of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • It Helps M.S. Patients
  • It Can Control Muscle Spasms
  • It Helps Individuals with Eating Disorders
  • It Treats Arthritis
  • It’s Helpful for Those with PTSD
  • It Can Help Regulate Your Metabolism
  • It Can Help People with AIDS/HIV
  • It’s Effective for Treating Nausea
  • It’s an Alternative Treatment for Headaches
  • It Can Treat Certain STDs
  • It Will Help with Speech Problems
  • It Can Improve Skin Conditions
  • It Can Help You Get Through Chemotherapy
  • It Regulates Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • It Will Calm Asthma Attacks
  • It Can Replace Viagra for Some Men
  • It Can Lower Your Blood Pressure
  • It’ll Calm Your Panic Attacks

The Economic Benefits of Cannabis

  • It Can Be Used as a Food Source
  • It Makes for an Attractive Investment
  • It Can Help Fight Climate Change
  • It Creates Jobs
  • It Generates Revenue for Schools and Public Health Programs
  • Legalizing Cannabis is Getting People Out of Jail
  • It’s Creating New Industries
  • It Lowers Crime Rates
  • It Leads to Safer Roads
  • It Makes Law Enforcement Cheaper and Easier

The Economic Benefits of Cannabis

  • It Can Keep Your Pets Healthy
  • It Can Help You Have More Pleasant Dreams
  • It Can Bring Your Energy Levels up
  • It’ll Help You Sleep
  • It Can Help You Get Through the Work Day
  • It Can Make You More Productive
  • It Could Make You More Creative
  • It Can Protect Your Brain

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